Our Role in DAFC

Role of the Pars Supporters’ Trust within the governance of DAFC

When DAFC went in to administration in April 2013, a 93.6% stake in DAFC was taken over by administrators BDO.  This had been the shareholding of the previous owner.  This was subsequently bought by Pars United Community Interest Company (PU (CIC)) when the Club exited administration in December 2013.  The remaining 6.4% of shares is split between a number of small shareholders, of which the PST is one.

  • PU (CIC) is made up of 6 Directors.  The structure of the Board is defined in the companies’ Articles of Association. It states that 2 Directors will be appointed by the PST, 2 from the Patrons and 2 will be appointed by all shareholders.
  • The PST is the single largest shareholder with 28.3% (at March 2015)
  • The PST should maintain a minimum shareholding of 25.1% to prevent any special resolutions being passed by other shareholders which could change the companies’ Articles.
  • PU (CIC) has a supervisory role over DAFC.  DAFC is made up of 7 Directors, 1 of whom is appointed by the PST.

The PST Board should have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 members according to the Model Rules that it is governed by.  It currently operates with 10 Board members.  Each Board member serves for a maximum of 3 years before having to stand down, although they are entitled to stand for re-election.  This means that, every year just prior to the AGM, there will always be vacancies on the PST Board.  Any PST member can nominate themselves to join the PST Board. If there are more nominations than vacancies, an election is held and the person(s) with the most votes joins the Board.

You can find out more about the governance of Pars United and DAFC here.

PST Member Pathway to DAFC Board

  1. Join the PST Board – this enables the member to better understand the working s of the PST and its role within DAFC.
  2. Seek election to the PU (CIC) Board as one of the 2 PST representatives.
  3. Seek election to the DAFC Board as the PST representative.

PU (CIC) also oversees the company which owns the stadium, PU (EEP) Ltd.  This company is made up of 3 Directors.  2 Directors are appointed by PU (CIC) whilst the other represents those who invested to buy the stadium after it too went in to Administration in 2014.

In addition, individual PST Board members are also involved in almost all of the Clubs’ working groups.  These are the Stadium Management Group (Dave Blackburn), Disabled Access Group (Drew Main), Community Engagement Programme (Karyn Rennie) and the Pars Foundation (Gordon Milne).

The PST plays a central role in the volunteering infrastructure that is now so important in the day-to-day running of the Club.

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